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3 Strikes You're Out!

Day 2

This morning we woke up refreshed and ready to meet our guide, Chino, at 9am. We were out there with our backpacks on and waited, then waited some more and by 9:30 we thought he might have forgot about us and Tyler was ready to ask the hotel to call him and give him heck! But then I got to thinking. There is no time change between home and Peru which is cool, except that Peru does not have daylight savings time. We are using our phones as our watch and the time on our phones had sprung forward whereas Peru did not...so we were an hour early..oops. We spent the time to practice our Spanish, Tyler has a little post it note with a bunch of phrases on it and is trying it out on everyone..we are even trying to roll our r's. Our tour guide showed up at the right time and we spent the day checking out more sites of the sacred valley. In the car ride he asked us what we had for dinner last night and we excitedly told him we had guinea pig. Well remember how in the last post I said it tasted like chewy beef..that's exactly what it was..chewy beef. The menu was in Spanish but I thought I knew the translation for guinea pig but it turns out I did not. So ya..we ate beef and are still on the hunt for the elusive guinea pig..oops again. We first stopped at some Incan ruins and then headed to the Pisaq market which was quite nice. We had some empanadas which were delicious and tried on alpaca sweaters and hats, even bought some souvenirs! The people all wear traditional clothing so we tried to take lots of pictures of them without them knowing..like pretend we are taking a picture of the mountains in the background even though the camera is pointed in their face. We then had lunch and stopped by a little bar where an old lady makes corn beer. She showed us how to make it and we sampled it. It's definitely not the best thing I've tasted here so far but tolerable. We then headed out to some more Incan ruins and saw some condors flying overhead. Up until today I didn't even know what a condor was, it's a type of huge vulture found in the Andean mountains which is a symbol of the upper world (maybe like heaven?) to the Peruvians. When our guide spotted them he was incredibly excited and kept telling us how lucky we are since he has only seen them twice in the last 12 years. He said it was a sign to us that we should have kids soon and I asked him if our moms told him to say that. Anyways after the "condor" excitement we just spent a bit of time to walk about the little town and take pictures of more people..I even paid one lady $1 to take a picture of her cute little toddler wearing her traditional clothes. We sat down for a small dinner and finally had a Pisco Sour which is Peru's national drink. Pisco is a type of alcohol that is made from peruvian grape and they combine it with some lime juice, syrup, egg white and bitter..it was delicious and went down very easy..I even forgot there was egg in it until right this moment. It tasted like a margarita really and I think we might have to try it again! We then jumped on a train and took a 2 hour ride to Agua Caliente which is the town at the base of Machu Picchu and are getting pumped about our day tomorrow. Oh ya, one more thing I thought of was that our tour guide was very insistent the first day that we put sunscreen on, he made us put it on in front of him. The weather is about 16-18 degrees Celsius and goes from cloudy to sunny so we are basically wearing long pants and a sweater so this morning we decided to skip the sunscreen and when he asked if we had put it on we lied and told him that of course we had. Welllll, my face is quite red tonight, as is Tyler's neck..I guess he knew what was talking about...oops for the third time today :). I'm trying to include a picture with this post, Tyler says this is the most beautiful country he's been to which is a pretty bold statement to make after only 2 days!

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At least it wasn't a gerbil

Day 1 Sacred Valley

We arrived to Peru this morning after an overnight flight from New York that we both happily slept through. I find it necessary to say that we saw someone eating a burger with a knife and fork in the New York airport..has anyone seen such a ridiculous thing? Anyways, we landed in Lima and took another flight to Cusco city. My big concern coming to Peru was altitude sickness due to the high elevation in and around Machu Picchu . Our bodies aren't used to the lower oxygen levels and so symptoms can be mild with a headache, feeling tired, nausea, dizzy, some fast heart rate and short of breath or it can be really bad. The elevation is the highest in Cusco (3300m) but our tour guide picked us up and we drove to whats called the Sacred Valley which is at a lower elevation (2900m). I was really worried but so far we haven't felt barely anything maybe a little bit of lightheadness and feeling a bit tired but come on we just got off an overnight flight. On our way to the sacred valley we made a few stops. First we stopped at an Incan ruin site that is called Moroy. It basically looks like an amphitheatre built into the mountains, but was used for farming...I know it doesn't sound cool, but you have to see the pics. We were pretty winded after that little climb but we are totally blaming it on the altitude rather than our lack of fitness. We then headed to a village called Maras and had lunch in a villagers house..it was pretty neat. They served a piece of corn that you ate with cheese..the kernels of this corn was the size if my thumbnail! They then gave us a corn and potato soup followed by this chicken and potato curry thing served with rice...talk about carbs! Peru has 4000 types of potatoes..this isnt going to be good for the waistline. We had a drink made out of black corn called cheecha..not bad and some sweet tomato for dessert. We then made our way to the sacred valley which basically is a valley surrounded by huge green mountains, some of them snow topped, with water running through it that comes from the above glaciers. I tried to tell Tyler it looked like a scene from the sound of music..you know when they are on the mountains singing but he has no idea what I'm talking about. We met up with Felix, a Peruvian cowboy looking man, and went on a horseback ride through the valley and countryside...so beautiful. I know we sound cool going for a "horseback ride" but in reality I was scared because instead of helmets we had cowboy hats but it turned our really well...it was really sunny but started spitting rain a bit, but that was perfect because it meant we got to see a rainbow. Tyler was walking like he had just gotten off a horse. After a long day we finally headed to our hotel and set out for dinner. we ate guinea pig! Guinea pig is all the rage here so we had to try it, basically tasted like chewy beef. Apparently sometimes it comes with the head in but thankfully ours did not...lol. We are pooped and ready for bed!

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March Break airport chaos

We are sitting in be airport just waiting to catch our flight. We got a little carried away in the hype about march break maddness at the airport. The news this morning was talking about how 107000 people would go through Pearson airport today alone and how people miss flights while waiting in the US customs line (we have a layover in New York) So we planned to get here early. I took the day off, Tyler had someone cover his last class, we hired a driver to pick us up so that we wouldn't waste time parking, we were ready to take this on! We got here 4.5 hours early and it took us a total of 20 minutes to get through the front desk, customs and security combined...we are basically the only ones here. Now we have 4 hours and ten minutes to waste. I was bored so I went back to read the Africa blog, and it's pretty funny actually! Tyler says that's its not funny now that I've said it out loud but whatever, props to me..lol. I'm feeling some pressure for this blog now to make sure it's up to par, I can't promise anything but I'll try!

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